Friday, 13 February 2009

WOW managed to last 1 week & no busto

Playing into the early hours for the last few days has messed up my body clock and eating patterns.As I have to be up for 8:30am,it is very difficult to get through my working day.Sitting in a shop,with few customers coming through the doors,it gets very difficult not to fall asleep.
It is doubley annoying as all the best poker action in the evenings,and if you run deep in a mtt,then you are usually taken past midnight.
So this evenings session started at 8pm and i finished at 10:30pm.I played mostly $25 plo.As there was a long wait to get onto a second table ,I decided to join $50 plo.There were two bigstacks(to my left) and three shorties.The big stack to my immediate left was a LAG,and was involved in some big pots with the other big stack to his left.
I was down 2 buyins quickly,before getting my stack upto $120.Another decent pot won and I was upto $170.At this stage I thought about leaving,but decided to go 1 more round.I had conciously decided to play a very tight round,and walk away with atleast $150.
I flopped a set of 3's on 743 board(2 suited).The turn filled me up;raise reraise etc...
I fired out on turn and got called by a flush and won a $280 pot.

My roll is now at £776.

I have just realised that I have manged to last a full week without reloading.I think this has only ever happened once before.The £1k mark is very close now.I would love to get there by just playing cash games.It would be such a great psychological boost.With rake back and bonuses due,my roll is effectively about £830.
I have set Tuesday as my target for reaching £1k,although i will most likely do it by Sunday.

Good luck all,enjoy the good times.


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