Thursday, 12 February 2009

benefits of BRM is finally appreciated

Last night I went into a semi tilt mode in my second session of play.It was a 3-4 hour session , ending at 3 am -well past my bedtime.I was playing a hyper aggressive game,raising almost every hand,and firing out most flops.Thankfully I stuck to $25PLO and walked away with a loss of £50,to leave a roll of £620.
As the English cricketers often say,'I must take the positives from a poor performance and come back stronger'. So,here is my list of positives:
-I stuck to BRM.
-I accepted a £50 loss for a badly paid session -feeling no anger,or desire to recoup losses quickly and erratically
-earned plenty of rakeback, and got closer to a bonus pay out.

Today I have played a total of 90 mins of poker.Two tabling $50 nlh.It has been a winning session,even though I felt uncomfortable most of the time.I was just so worried about losing and tilting off money again. I suppose it was due to all those bad past experiences embedded deep in my subconcious,brought to the forefront of my mind.



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