Saturday, 14 February 2009

8 days,still no busto

Just had 1hr session of $50nlh and £20nlh.3 tabled at a time and have made a profit of £50 to take my roll to £854.
I have been thinking about my sudden improvement at poker.Some may say it is just luck.I simply put it down to better discipline -three types of discipline that is.Firstly,the discipline of sticking to bankroll management.Secondly,the discipline to only play when in a good state of mind.Thirdly,giving up on pots,that I should not be involved in, on the turn and river.'Money saved is money earned' is the motto here.
There are many tests I still need to pass,before considering myself as a potential longterm winner.The key test would be to come back from a 10 buyin downswing ,without tilting or allowing my emotions to get the better of me.Not preying for a downswing,but I will have to face one eventually.I just hope I can cope with it.
I play PLO and NLH.Which game i play depends on my mental and emotional state.I cannot put my finger on why,but ,I have of late, been able to choose to play the game more intune with my being at any give moment.Tonight for instance I felt more relaxed playing NLH,and stuck with it.

bankroll £854

just had my second session for the evening.It only lasted 10 mins and has made me another £50 ish .Joined a $50nlh,and got dealt KK,AK(3times),AQ,10's,JJ ,in the first few hands.I raised everytime to 4-5bb,hoping that villains would think I was bluffing.I got called lite by a shortstacker and walked away with $90,after joining with $35.
Meanwhile,at the $25 plo,I joined with $20 and walked of with $50.I bet out trips,got called all streets by a flush draw,which missed.

Hit and Run is working for me at the moment.I cannot keep much interest once I have a big stack.I seem to play better with a shorter stack,looking to build up.

Goodnight all.I will sleep soundly tonight.

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havin_a_laff said...

Nice results and good comments about discipline and BR management. Agree with everything you say. GL

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