Sunday, 15 February 2009


Having withdrawn £400 I left myself with a roll of £530
I have got to admit to myself that I have been playing badly all day today.I guess that when I get good results, higher expectancy levels coupled with greed, leads to bad play.This is something I need to overcome.
I have been playing a very loose aggressive style on 4 tables of £50nlh.Again I need to accept that 4 tabling is not yet within my scope -in future i will stick to 3 tabling.
Fortunately I sucked out in one pot(£112) to leave me with a role of £457.£73 down for the day,but it could have been worse.I basically reraised allin with flush & gutshot draw against pp QQ.Putting villain on AK, I was lucky to catch the gutshot on the river.

Probably one more torny tonight.I am not in the right frame of mind to play good tonight.

bankroll £457 (£400 withdrawn)

abit later........

Entered 1 mtt,and got my buyin back.Some winnings at $100nlh to take roll to


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