Sunday, 15 February 2009

down but not out

Just had a bad session of play.4 tabled $50 nlh and have lost £80 over a 90 minute period.The 'chase' mentality was starting to set enough,and I was not enjoying the game.Fortunately I have managed to drag myself away from the tables.I will have a break now and return later in the evening, when I am a bit more refreshed.
I cannot really multitable 4 tables that well.My PC is infected with so much shite;it is currently running in 'safe mode',which does not allow any sound.This is very awkward,as i miss out on audial prompts.I think i need a new PC.

Looking forward to play in the £2.5k added mtt,with a buyin of £25.Got a good feeling about this one.I better get a nourishing meal in me before it starts at 6pm.


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