Sunday, 1 February 2009

developing the right mindset

2 tabled $25 PLO for about an hour for a profit of £15. I decided to leave the first table -with $60,I had about half the total money in play.4 players had less than $10,and the other player had $50.
At the other table I left with $40.Again 4 players had about $10 and one had $30.In both cases the players with decent stacks were decent tight players.

Towards the end of this session of poker I became abit confused about my state of mind.I seemed to have a strong gut feeling that I was very close to going into tilt mode.Maybe it is because I am underrolled and have become less risk averse.Or, is it my subconscious recalling of past experiences -where I start with a winning session, only to get bored and starting giving action,playing lose and tilting off my roll.

Any way I am pleased with myself for managing to drag my arse away from poker when not in the best frame of mind.I will give it a bit of thought and return later in the evening to play £10 nlh and use £15 to enter mtts-if i feel upto it.

ROLL £115


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