Saturday, 31 January 2009

2009 starts now for me

After almost a month off ,I started with £70 today and have finished my first 4hr session of play with £100.
I made an effort to make a plan on what games and levels to play-and stick to bankroll management.
The plan was to invest £10 in mtts,with the remaining £60 to be used to play £10nlh -buying in for £6.Any winnings would be used to finance further mtts and a shots at $25PLO.
I mostly stuck to the plan.Played 2 mtts and busted early.I took a shot at PLO when my roll was at £50.Manged to win £30 single tabling for about an hour to boost my roll to £80.At the same time I closed a £10nlh table with £20 cash.
Although I broke my bankroll rules,I felt confident that I would not tilt and would have the discipline to walk away if I lost a buyin.Also I made an effort to play a low variance style to minimze risk of loss.


-Close any tables that do not offer good chance of winning money-consider stack sizes,position,aggression factors ,and fish in making the decision to leave table.
-2/3 weeks of winning £20-£30 daily will get me to about £500.Enough to take a bit out for a treat.
-Play suited connectors less often


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