Wednesday, 11 February 2009

can't think of title

After recieving £11 in rakeback my bankroll stood at £670 when I started this evenings session of play.I did not play any poker yesterday as I was not in the right state of mind.

Anyway I felt confident that I would not tilt tonight and likely to take a break if I lost £100.Encouraged by this I decided to enter just the 1 mtt to start of with.Ten minutes into the torny I was feeling very confident,positive and enjoying the game like I used to.No stress,no tension,just mental stimulation.
I decided to enter another mtt and played the two simutaneously.I can't remember how I went out in the first mtt,but I am sure it was something to do with my self percieved over inflated poker player status.
I went out of the second mtt after making a move that I thought was good.I had just made a note about the villain-'Ace chaser',(someone who fishes for an Ace on any missed flop).I wont give hand history.The villain slow played trip 5's on a draw heavy board.

Despite early exits in the mtt,I decide to play some cash games.I started of playing two tables,then 20mins later opened a third.Played 2 tables of $50nlh , and single £20nlh 6max.
Again my decision to open a third table was due to my confidence in not getting into tilt mode.

I started of winning a few hands,before going down two buyins.I remained composed and won two big pots to take my roll back to £670.
Both big pots were well played by me.It was the same villain on both occassions.A loose aggressive player.His play was very similar to mine,when I am in a slight tiltish mood.I therfore found it easy to put him on hands and encouraged him to bluff into me, for the first big pot, by showing weakness.
The second pot,he was bb I was button.I raised 4bb ,he reraised to 10bb.I call.
I was thinking... he has suited connecters 78ish or small pp,and is afraid of any picture cards on the board.If there are any picture cards on the board,and he fires pot,then he is definately afraid and is trying to rep premium cards .
The flop came A K 9.He fires potsize bet.I miniraised with A J.He flat calls.
The turn is a blank.He has 1 potsize bet left,but fires half the pot.I reraise to put him all in.
He calls with 55.
River is a blank,and I take a $100+ pot.

Watching abit of football now.Due to return to poker if the all important mental situo is good.


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