Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Over the last few days of reading blogs and forums I am finally starting to absorb good information from them. Varience,and its significance regarding my game, is something i have a greater understanding of now. Varience is no longer... "yeah, just the ups and downs of poker". Varience is relevant to one's particular style of poker. My LAG style is very high varience,which is a problem -as I am usually under rolled ,investing 20-50% of my roll into a buyin most of the time. Add to this my results orientated mind - you see why i go BUSTO.

Notwithstanding, the 20 buyin rule ; realising I control variance by choosing the style of poker I play leads to other benefits.I am now thinking of the longer term.I now make plays that are correct and will make money in the longterm -'So what if I lose this pot right now'. Understanding and accepting variance unshackles the grip of fear.It reduces onset of tilt.
Take variance further - control it more.What about position? Yes that should be factored in. Should i call a 4-bet with my pocketpair 77? Well what does variance say? The odds of hitting a set on are 1 in 8. Pot odds? you go another factor

Understand variance and it leads to an allround improvement of your game


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