Friday, 26 December 2008

staked-thanks to yorkie

last couple of days i have playing some freerolls at stars with the usual 5-10k runners.No luck there.Find it abit difficult to be reading up on razz,stud hi/lo, whilst playing the game at the same time.To be honest, at time i wasnt sure which rules applied to which game.
Anyway,today there is a decent freeroll of $1k on willhill.I feel confident about this one.Hpefully the field wil not exceed 1500.

Other news is that I have been staked in the 500k world record mtt by evertonyorkie(blog link to the left).My initial feeling is that of gratitude.I hope to return some kind of favour back.Thats my nature.I dont think yorkie will go busto for a while,as i get the impression he has good bankroll management.Plus a $7k win helps.I am thinking if and when i have my first big win ($1k +) I will offer to stake or part stake him for a bigger mtt-something like a $100-$200 buyin.Just to help him enter a mtt his bankroll management dictates he should not.That is aside from the 50/50 split on winnings for this 500k mtt.

$1000 freeroll 850 runners.first hand I limp call 3bb raise with 22.Flopped set.Flush draw on board.I value bet all streets to take my stack to 2000.
My AJ raise from lp gets reraised allin by sb.I pass.
Very next hand.3 limpers I raise 4bb with JJ.Villain from bb reraises allin again.I know I should call.Putting villain on middle pair or less likely AK AJ etc. I call, villain catches 10 to make set.I busto.
I now the field is weak in these freeroll mtts.My plan was to avoid allin coin flips until the field narrowed. My call was correct.I guess feeling the disappointment of going out early should not
in any way make me think of playing more cautiously. So with a bit of huff and puff I will hold my head high -continue to make the correct play.The money will no doubt follow soon


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behhh04 said...

thanks for your comments mate,

Having played both NL25 & NL10 (as well as NL2 & NL5 lol) there really isn't a great amount of difference between the levels. I think i found more donks at Nl25 than NL10 per table, on average. However the key thing i have learnt is that the profit made at these levels comes from value betting your hands well and making good folds.

Players at these levels often have a way of letting you know when they have the goods (stuff like min reraises etc). A good quote i remember from a high stakes player is that "you make money when you fold".

Good luck at the tables.

- Nick

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