Sunday, 21 December 2008

HELP! discuss hand

Played a couple of freerolls today.Busted early in one. Cant remember how i was out. The second freeroll was a supersat for £35k sunday mtt. 400+ runners. I played really well here -putting into practice moves/strategies I have been thinking about. I felt so much better and more controlled, when I was thinking about my actions and what outcome i hoped for.With a big stack I asked questions rather than bully/bluff -something which I did in the past.I thought about future actions and the anticipated pot size.I took into account opponent stack sizes.All this combined together allowed me to accumulate chips with minimum risk.

With 30 players left I was hovering in top 5 chipstacks.Top 5 getting a seat.
I busted in 28th position.Prior to this I had noticed that the 2 bigstacks were playing a LAG style(calling reraises for 2/3rd stacks).With only 5 seats up for grabs I realised there will be a lot of crazy allins as we got closer to bubble.This encouraged me to be more aggressive preflop,with premium hands at an earlier stage, before tightening up with 15 or so players to go.The following hand busted me.

BLINDS 600/1200
hero sb AK 30k chips

utg raises allin 10k
button (35k) calls 10k
hero reraise allin 30k
button calls 20k with KQ

board J,3,4,10,A

I think my play was correct.But i want to concentrate on my thought process.

My logic was that I was at worst taking a 50/50 shot.Taking this gamble early and winning the pot would have allowed me to sit and wait into the top 5 without getting involved in too many more pots.
Is this flawed logic? Was I subconsciously more ready to bust earlier rather than dealing with the greater disappointment of busting closer to the buuble.
Please leave your comments.

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havin_a_laff said...

MTTs are not my thing but...

I think you have a ton of equity. If its 4 handed you may have had the best hand. With 4 orbits left UTG was starting to get desperate so his hand could have been anything with an A, small pair , suited connectors etc.

Not sure I like the buttons call with KQ - you called a shove so he must have at least suspected you had a strong hand.

But for me your stack was still pretty healthy and you weren't compelled to call. Personally I don't like coinflip situations when I don't need to. So prefer to be the one shoving with a hand like AK. If I get called so be it.

Interesting hand though.


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