Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Started with a bankroll of £50 ($72).I used a new payment method which stars did not except so used my old unused ladbrokes account.Let me tell you ladbrokes is a load of crap.You only have a fixed table sizes to choose from.When minimized they dont make it easy to follow the action,big up info like stack sizes,where the button is etc.
Anyway registered for $4 mtt.I managed to get to the break with no buyins or add ons in 2nd place.I finished in9th place for $23.Glad to be in the money,but dissapointed at not being higher up the pay ladder-courtesy of one badly played hand from UTG. J 10 suited looks really pretty.
Mentally exhausted after 3hrs of tournament play I surprisingly felt refreshed afte 30mins of break-sooner than i thought i would.I then made my way to a couple $20nlh tables,buying in for $15. Profit about $15 after 30mins of play.
Justed busted in a freeroll tournament,whilst writing this.Involved in another one at the moment.That will be my last piece of action for tonight.

On a side note eating loads of junk food and ssmoking more than usuall is really diminishing
my already limited concentration timespan.
Taking the kid to the Chinese state circus tomorrow.It will be the first time for both of us.

Glad tidings.Wish you all a happy new year.And may you spiritually empty punks remember the sufferings of the Palestinians in your prayers.


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