Monday, 15 December 2008


Deposited £60 today.Ignored all my planned bankroll discipline.Played 4 tornies for a total of £45 buyins.Lost set of 10s to rivered AAA in the £15buyin torny-top prize was £2kish over 200 runners.Lost the other three all by way of river making set for opponents.Although i finished 16/500+ in the £1.4k headhunter.Collected 11 heads and cashed £28 for a £3 buyin.

I recouped more money playing $25plo to finish the evening with a bankroll of £59.I seem to be enjoying Omaha at the moment.It keeps by brain active and i dont get bored and start daydreaming-like i do when playing micro nlh.I have developed a calm and relaxed style of playing.Being patient and setting traps for the fish.Its amazing how often the nutts gets paid when you pot bet river.


-Use £20-£30 for headhunter tornies.Definately play £1.4k for a £3 buyin.
-Open up omaha table if i go deep in mtt and likely to cash.
-play for 3hrs max,unless involved in mtt

Gonna watch some NFL now.Really into the game now.Its definately better than all the other american games


Ukgatsby said...

Sounds like a plan
gl with 2009 :)

parttimebonuschaser said...

i suspect you might struggle unless you can put together some bankroll rules that you can stick to.

Dont STT players like to have a minimum of 30 buy ins? (or more)

calling station said...

In an ideal situation 20-30 buyins is the best figure to work with.I try to get around it by not buying in the full amount.I also play a more cautiously.Strangelty it has been working better with PLO compared to NLH.

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