Tuesday, 16 December 2008

grind feels so good?

I got back from work early.Feeling abit lethargic i decided to check my emails before taking a nap.Couldnt resist playing poker whilst on the net.Not being in the best state of mind to play poker I still managed to win £30 two tabling $25 PLO for an hour.I am surprised by my continued relaxed/patient style of play.
Cup of tea and nap for me now-Caffeine has no effect on me.
Looking forward to some mtts in the evening.

BANKROLL-£88.Come to think of it,thats only a £28 profit.Felt like alot more.I guess thats- just steady grinding.

adios amigos.


After having a power nap I enterd three HH tournaments.Busted early in the most expensive one-my silly moves dont work here.Again busted in the 2nd one.Atleast I think I did.I cant actually remember if I played 2 or 3 mtts.Went deep in third phantom mtt.Was hovering top 5 stacks with 50 to go.I just lost patience and made stupid moves,but collected £13 courtesy of 5 heads.Annoyed at this as I should be hanging on to finish as high as possible without taking risks.When I am rolled better I can play abit riskier once i beat the bubble.
Also made about £8 playing PLO for about 10 mins.
Bankroll £92
Have a rest.Play for 1hr.get to sleep by midnight.


Streched previous plan a little.Played for 2hrs.Started with £10 mtt.Was chip leader with 40 to go.Had 4 times average chips and should have made final table.I need to learn how to play better with a bigger stack.Just got caught making stupid moves.Every hand I played I hit flop good and got paid everytime.I knocked out about 6 players.This developed a feeling of invincibility,which led to my self destruction.It is the second time I have done this in recent weeks.
PLO-I played two tables and over a period of 90mins I doubled on both to take my bankroll to £114.


Played 3 sessions lasting about 2hrs each,with plenty of rest in between.Apart from a couple of bad plays in the mtts,I only had one mini tilt on PLO.This tilt led to me being paid off at hand later on.As long as I stick to playing two hours at a time I should remain tilt/boredome free whilst playing.



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