Tuesday, 30 December 2008

reverse psychology? new reolution

I do not see the point of making a set of new years resolutions just for poker.Thinking about ones game and improving is naturally done through out the year anyway.
Instead I am going to motivate myself to be a successfull poker player in 2009 by writing an end of year review for 2009 a bit early.How I hope the year will go for me.

2009 poker review

January started of a bit slow for me due to my business commitments,however I managed to win a mtt for $300 halfway through.I continued to play a mix of PLO MTTS and NLH ,always when in a relaxed state of mind.
In Feburary I moved over to pokerstars with a roll of $500.Ground out the cash games to have the occassional shot at some of the $5ish mtts with big fields.Managed to cash in afew but nothing major.
March-JUNE -I really began to trust myself a bit more.I had more disciplined bankroll management.My first $1k+ mtt payout was well timed,and the thought of buying some luxury treat for myself from poker winnings was the best feeling ever.
SUMMER MONTHS- with my roll growing to nearly $4k I started to play mtts more regular and had my greatest payout ever,of $5k.This funded the purchase of a new car(or funded trip to LAS VEGAS)
OCTOBER-well I set myself a target of $12k profit for the year and was more than halfway there.

'I think i will complete the remaining part in april-may'


Amatay said...

gl for 09 mate

Ukgatsby said...

Happy New Year
gl gl for 09


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