Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Finished work early today.Logged onto site and was waiting to play $25PLO.After 10 minutes of waiting decide to buy into $50PLO with $25.Within 5 minutes I was upto $65.Thought about leaving the table but desperatley wanted to catch a LAG fish.Got my chance when I reraised fish with AsAcJsKc.He repopped and i went allin.Fish Q 6 9 A rainbow.Flop Q66.I quickly reloaded only to see fish sit out for next half hour.I got pissed and went on an hour long tilt.When down to about £65 ,i thought about taking a break, but lacked the disipline.I have now busted my entire bankroll.I need to address this problem I have with any downsing.I expect to increase my roll every time I sit at the table.I am just to constious of this.
O well I should get £5-£10 in rake back today.I shall use it to enter into 1 or 2 HHs.



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