Wednesday, 17 December 2008

advice please

i would appreciate some advise from you fellow low level players.
I will briefly outline my habits and what i think are the reasons for me going bust again and again.
-i play 2 tables PLO or NLH upto $50
-I reload anything from £20-£100 at irregular intervals.
-Most of the time I win the first day or two of playing 4-5hrs of poker.
-Rarely do i not go bust before 3-4 days.
Why?-boredom-inflated perception of my ability(esp after winning start)-Ego-Tilt-Fooling myself into believing I am making good moves,when actually tilting-Frustration/impatients resulting in putting all my roll into 1 buyin at a higher level.
I seem to play better when slightly detatched and not trying to spot moves and bluffs ,with over eagerness.

Possible soution

Invest in Poker software.Invest in a double screen PC.Move to a bigger site like stars.Multitable(4-8) and just play a detatched simple TAG style of poker.


EvertonYorkie said...

Hey thanks for the comment on my blog :)

If you want my advice you need to learn BRM and patience. At the small stakes the money is insignificant, but you shouldn't be thinking about it as money, you should be thinking of it as points you need to accumulate in a game before you can move to the next level.

If you find it too long and arduous to grind it out forever, you should probably take some time out and learn the game instead of playing, while you save enough money to deposit online and be playing the levels you want.

For good strategy advice and if you want any questions answering, you should join the following forum:

It's basically a bunch of guys all on the grind, all playing roughly the same stakes.



EvertonYorkie said...

Oh and theres also a few guys from Brum on the forum as well, possibly a chance to meet some in the flesh and get a home game going for you?

calling station said...

thanks for advice.I need to realise,and more importantly, act like there will be no shortcuts.
Steady grinding requires discipline.I suppose if i dont have the patience to grind I lack the most fundamental skill required in poker.

Gavin said...

Following on from Yorkies comment where abouts in Brum are you?

If you fancy a beer and a chat it could work as I reckon my mates think I'm a boring fooker as I keep going on about poker :)

parttimebonuschaser said...

EvertonYorkie's advice looks good.

step 1: Put in place BRM
step 2: Make sure you know what you are doing ... read the books/forums etc
step 3: Get tracker software and use it to identify your own leaks
step 4: make sure you have a good rakeback/bonus deal

havin_a_laff said...

Hi - Bear in mind I am micro NL fish newbie...

1) consider playing 2 or 3 tables max.
2) A HUD is totally invaluable and worth every penny
3) Post some interesting hands on your blog - I have had some great nuggets of info that really helped
4) I like yorkies advice about treating your cash like points - try to value your dosh - fight for every cent. I would be devastated if I had to keep reloading
5) If you are serious about the pokers - consider joining a training site like stoxpoker


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