Thursday, 28 February 2008


I have returned from my self imposed exile from cyber space.

After a few months of playing online,playing at any hour of the day/night.Having no set routine,no eating /sleeping patterns.No time for family and left me in a state of emptyness.I started to ask myself great philosophical questions.What is life?etc....
Anyway, indicative of my great intellect i saw boxing as the solution.So i joined a boxing club.I also started practicing my cricket for the coming season.
Now most my evenings are filled with enjoyable real world activities I feel like a human again.I feel secure in the knowledge that the real world has reclaimed me. And now it is sending me as a war time emissary to the cyber world.
I DECLARE WAR on the soldiers of cyber space.My new fortified chips will bring destruction on your bankrolls.

1 Comment:

Amatay said...

Welcome back to the darkside

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