Saturday, 12 January 2008

how to play fish

I want to know what is the best way to play fish.I was at a table today where there was 1 extra aggressive loose fish.Playing at $100nl,every time i raised a hand to $2,he would reraise it to $4.On the flop he would bet pot or go all in with his stack about $50.No way to bluff him.


  1. fish reraises me as normal.I go all in with AJs preflop.He calls with 75 and catches 6 on river for straight.Fish wins pot $100.
  2. Fish reraises me as normal.3 way bb(fish) and me.pot $12.Flop Qc3s2s.Sb bets pot bb reraise all in.I pass shows shows 23.
  3. fish raises preflop.I call with 9h7h.3 way pot,usual suspects.FLOP Kh6h7s.Pot $8.Fish bets all in $50.I instacall.Win pot with pair of 7s $120.Fish doesnt reload.

Did i make the right call,or should i have waited for a better spot.I feel it is worth calling donks like that with middle pair as long as i can improve my hand.When there is a fish at the table i dont like to become a rock player.I like to see flops with a wide range,knowing if i hit good i will get paid.

'a wise man knows not every post needs a proverb'


Amatay said...

I prolly call but im a fish :-)

Amatay said...

wat happened to the blog fishay?

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