Thursday, 28 February 2008

boxing clever

finished in the money in an mtt today.It was a £10 rebuy.I had just the one add on.finished 5/65 for £110.The levels changed at 6min intervals.I think for cash players like myself the 6 minute rounds are more preferable.
Earlier in the evening i had an hours session at the boxing gym.Is it just me or do most people suffer from an initial delusion that they have an exceptional talent at whatever new sport they try.I mean last year i started playing golf with a second hand golf setI bought for £25.Despite never scoring better than 7 over par ,me and my playing partner both convinced ourselves that it was an easy game and we could make it as pros.
With the boxing i again think that i have talent.I really want to try out a sparring session.To even get to this stage I would have to improve my stamina and definitely give up my 20 a day smoking habit.However I dont think i could give up smoking whilst playing poker.So i have a dilemma now.
I advise all you poker punks to learn how to fight,at the very least to put a stop to getting mugged by the hookers.So as of today i will try and give you punks any tips i get whilst boxing.
tip no1-always be in position to throw a punch.This means good footwork.
tip no2-avoid big black men

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Amatay said...

nice result in the MTT mate

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