Sunday, 6 January 2008


i had some reat sessions of poker the last couple of days.Making about $600 profit.
Recently i have noticed a new trait in my character When i am winning I break into singing out loud.And when i get some donk complaining in the chat box i respond in 3 different ways.I do this for a number of reasons:to annoy players.or just to display my happiness,to help create a loose image,or just to be funny.

  1. I start typing famous catcphrases,or quotes-my favourite being 'he who dares rodders'.This usually amuses fellow uk players.
  2. start thanking the poker gods.example-'oh poker gods,i than thee for showering me with your blessings'-'please lord forgive (name of player),for he knoweth not that he cannot lead astray your disciple'-if i make a bad call-'oh forgiveth me god for i have fallen into teptation'
  3. type in song lyrics-

I would like to know what others do when they are winning.I mean online poker is a solitary experience.With all the tensions,adrenaline,emotions involved-how do these manifest themselves when you win.

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Amatay said...

ahahaaha, nice blog mate, i'll link u up. If u wanna get some quality tunes on ur blog scroll down to the very bottom of my blog and ur figure it out, gl

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