Saturday, 5 January 2008


As i am browsing other poker blogs to learn a bit more about the game I have decided to add some of these poker blogs into 3 categories.

  1. poker wannabes -players just starting out,or trying to build a bankroll to play seriously
  2. poker minnows -decent but not great profit making players
  3. poker stars -great poker players,high stakes winners? or bullshitters?

No offence is intended.If anyone chooses to query their ranking please leave a comment explaining why.

I will be visiting all of these blogs regularly and will be changing their rankings as need be.

If you have any suggestions for further ranking categories,please leave a comment


sehti said...

i see you have put me in the poker wannabes category.I think that is fair.
I notice you have not put anyone into the 'poker stars' category.
As i am the first to leave a comment at your blog i think i should be made an honourary member of the 'poker stars' category.

Edmuntus said...

you should put me in the minnows section. lol. i am no pokerstar, yet.

good luck with your blog and poker career!

calling station said...

poker pro i think is right minnows is for small stakes rock players who dont have any creative flair

Flea said...

Glad to see I made your poker 'wannabes' list. Since, that is what I am. So are you actually trying to go pro? No other job or source of income?

calling station said...

flea....I want to become a pro player,but dont have the balls to give up my job just yet.
As i am self employed I work one or two days a weak.
After winning some money as soon as i started to play poker,i was a bit cocky-'yes,this is easy money,i could do this for a living and play all over the world'.
Having done abit of research i feel i need to pass a particular test,before i can seriously consider becoming a pro.
I need to experience a big downswing due to extreme badluck.Not go on tilt.and build my bankroll back up to where it was.If i can do this,then i will have the confidence to quit my job.

Theresalwaysone said...

Lolerz. tbh I am a wannabe and I aint even gonna argue.

But may I add I crush 50nl its just I blow up real bad when I tilt.

Cheers for the interest tho.

Anonymous said...

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