Saturday, 5 January 2008


I have finally decided to start a blog.I dont know how long i will stick with it.Hopefully it will be a worthwhile consumer of my time.
I have been playing poker for a couple of months now.I aint no great mathmatician or a strategy expert.I am just a lucky bastard.
Playing NLH at $50 to $400 buyins ,I have made about £5000 in 2 months.It is mostly down to luck.Now i am addicted to poker.I wake up in the morning thinking of poker.I need to play everyday.And it has to be a profitable hobby.
I cannot continue playing in this gungho style of mine.I have to learn to play properly.Pot odds,strategy,bankroll etc have to be taken seriously now.
So this blog will hopefully be a vehicle by which i can learn and discuss the game of poker with others.


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