Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Cummon you SPURS.

I hope they hold on to their lead.Holding on to the lead is something i have failed to do in the last 3 mtts i have been playing.I dont ususally play mtts so it is something i need to add to my reportoire.Just got knocked out of the last torny with 40players to go.I was 2nd chipleader with 60players to go.Doubled up a fish,who later knocked me out with A2 to my reraise allin with KK.
fOR FUCKS sake do you need to be mentally strong to deal with these bad beats in tornys

Played poker at my mates house yesterday.His 'know it all' brother has just got into poker and introduced me to poker last night,or so he thought.LoL,still laughing now thinking about it.I took him and another one of his mates for £65.The funny thing is they still think i am just a lucky fish,just like THEO WALCOTT 1-1

'those who dare not look ahead,remain behind'
persian proverb


Amatay said...

oh no, not a yido. if i had known m8 i would av told u to fuck off lol, gd tuneage btw

The Busted Man said...

dont bother im not a wannabe lol just lose control

C said...

hi mate. good read! any chance I could get a link? i've added you to mine...

"a year in the life"

good luck!

C said...

i got 'successful' - i like it!


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