Friday, 11 January 2008


I've been playing at $100nl recently and have done really good.I have made about $700 in the last 2/3 days.It's so much more enjoyable playing at this level as i am always in control of my emotions.I tend to tilt quicker at $200nl.The only reason for this is that, with the bigger pots i tend to get excited and start pumping serious amounts of adrenalin.
The players at $100nl tend to be overcautious and fear getting outdrawn.It is so easy to make money at this level.But i know i am not improving my game much here.I have the bankroll to move up to the $200nl,and stay there for a while.I dont think it is wise to move up until I can psychologically deal with the bigger stakes.

'a calm sea does not make a skilled sailor'
proverb,my mate daves grandmother Edith

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Flea said...

My experience with this has been: If the money doesn't mean much to me, I wind up playing good poker; but if it is enough to get me thinking about how it can change my life or make things easier, I play horribly.

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