Wednesday, 18 February 2009

the recovery begins

The soul searching that was brought on by getting busted..........

-I have joined a local book/social club.Actually I joined about a year ago,but never bothered attending any meetings ,or followed their reading suggestions.
'The marvelous life of Edgar Mint', is the book that will be discussed for the next month.I will purchase it on Friday,when I will be in the city centre taking my daughter to the cinema.
Often I have read a great book and not been able to discuss it with anyone in my current social network -I tell you this is very very annoying.Reading,educating and learning is not something that is appreciated by anyone I know -atleast no efforts are made anyway.

It will be a few days yet before I recover from the last few days' stressfull events.My brain is in no state to partake in any intellectual activity.Looking back,I have only ever had time for reading,when I have been in a happy stage of life.

As for poker.....
£20-£30 rakeback due for next week.I will probably deposit £50 on friday/sat.
No plans.No targets.
I'll see how the initial stages of adding abit of balance to my life will effect(or affect) my poker.


Joppa Road said...

have linked you up. Have looked on the link you sent but there doesn't seem to be any writing clubs in my area - nearest being London.

Steve H. said...

Hi Pokershow,

I have become a follower of your blog after seeing your link on a mutual friend’s blog. I update my blog every day (well at least I try to).
My blog is about my poker exploits and my day to day activities.

I would be very grateful if you could drop by and become a follower of my blog. I’ll also put a link in for your blog – could you possibly do the same for me and put me in your reading list?

The blogs that I read are listed by the most recently updated, so the more you update the more hits you will receive from my site as you will be top of my list ;-) I have a comments section and I always return all comments.

Many thanks and hope to see you drop by soon

Steve H

Ukgatsby said...

Update ?

brad said...

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Ben Aterman said...

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