Friday, 19 December 2008


In the shits again.Acquired myself £100 to deposit into poker account.Unfortunatelies I donates its all too Willhills vias the roulette machines. I think its about time I be honest with myself and accept reality.I am a lifelong gambler wanting to become a poker player (yes there is a distinction).
Fortunately i have never had much to lose.More important than money is the wasted opportunities that result from gambling.From family,friends,career,relationships,experiences,education,business,confidence everything has suffered and continues to do so.
In other aspects of my life I am considered an honest and fair man.My advice is always valued by those who know me.I am considered an intelligent and openminded person.

Thats enough for today.I dont seek sympathy.I am not depressed.I just fear one day i will be.

P.S -
freerolls until i get back some rakeback on tuesday.Ive got 231 mpp at will hill.Anyone got a rough idea how much that will be in rakeback.


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