Sunday, 14 December 2008

getting motivated

I just cannot keep my motivation to play at the micro levels for too long.My bankroll,usually about £40,should mean that I play £6 nlh.The money is just so insignificant.Winning £10 is a good session at this level;but this doesnt even buy you 40 B&H.
After a couple of hours of play I move up to $25nlh with most my stack.I then worry about busting out whilst playing and eventually go broke.
What should I do?
Should I wait until i get a £250 bankroll and start playinbg at the $25nlh level.Or should I make some realistic plans on how to manage my bankroll better and stick to £6nlh.
A possible plan would be as follows:
-Play £6nl ,two tabling for no more than 2 hours.Stop playing if I lose 3 buyins.Any winnings, I use to play $10 buyin tornies.
I think this is a plan that suits my psychology.It means that playing the micro levels has more purpose and the fruits of my labour have an immediate and a positive a free shot at a $10 torny-which run almost every hour.

I am going to add a chart listing all the tornies i enter by using winnings from £6nlh,aswell as keeping track of how much money I deposit into my account.


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