Thursday, 22 May 2008


although i have a sufficient bankroll at the moment,i just cant get motivated to play.Is this just fatigue,which will go away after a weak or two of rest.Or is there something else to explain this lack of motivation.
Maybe i am too loose and play a gamblers style of poker instead of a more skillfull and thoughtfull one.Have i had enough of too many 50/50 races?Prehaps a tighter more controlling style of poker is what the doctor would prescribe.

Unrelated question-Thinking about the footballer Peter Beardsley scoring a goal and running away to celebrate, whilst totally oblivious of the erection he was carrying(presumably because of the euphoria of scoring).
Well naturally it occured to me whether there are any such experiences in the poker world.Could calling a big bluff on the river get you erect?


Pud's Poker said...

I'm not sure about getting hard but a big river bluff certainly gets the blood pumping! Maybe if I pulled it off, pardon the pun, at a WSOP FT I might show the signs of morning glory!!

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