Sunday, 6 April 2008


As mentioned my target is to payoff £30k in 2 yrs.I will now set out a more detailed plan.

I consider poker a hobby.It is a hobby i am prepared to spend £30 a weak on(approx 10% of my income).To create the optimum mindset suiting my temprement and personality, I will not consider this weekly sum as an expense.My first goal is to grind myself to a playable bankroll.Once this is achieved I will no longer add £30 per week directly into my online account.Instead I will put it into a separate 'poker money' pot.

Everytime my inplay bankroll exceeds £500 by £250,I will withdraw this surplus £250 portions and deposit it into a savings account.I will consider this money as my poker winnings,and use it towards paying my debt off.
In the event my 'online bankroll' is busted,I will go into my 'poker money' pot.Hopefully this would have been given a chance to grow.


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